Polaris Case Study

Polaris is renowned for its high-quality snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and motorcycles. Since developing its first snowmobile more than 65 years ago, the company has continued to innovate and develop new products. But producing a diverse set of product lines in an ever-changing market brings its own unique set of challenges.

That’s where Stratasys comes in, providing proven and equally innovative technology to open the door to new design possibilities and keep Polaris ahead of the competition.

Indian Motorcycle Front

Stratasys’ innovative 3D printing materials allow Indian Motorcycles to uphold strict cosmetic standards on their chrome and painted parts.

“It’s fast paced. We innovate products for a variety of vehicles, and it’s very exciting being at the forefront of technology.”

Cory Bombard, Program Manager for Additive Technology, Polaris

Bell Helicopter


Get ideas off the ground faster with 3D printed manufacturing tools and validated materials.

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a 3D printed Audi brake light


Functional prototypes. Street-ready parts. More effective tools. 3D print them all.

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A young girl, holding a 3D printed medical model of her own heart that was used for Surgical planning


3D print patient-specific anatomical models – better processes for you, better outcomes for patients.

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