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119 Material(s) found
Stratasys Open Materials for P3
Stratasys Open Materials for P3

Stratasys open specialty materials unlock a wide range of demanding applications, including molding, casting, high-temperature, ceramic, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and elastic applications.

LOCTITE® 3D IND403 High Modulus by Henkel
LOCTITE® 3D IND403 High Modulus by Henkel

Tough, high-temperature material. Ideal for molds and end-use parts with up to 80°C operating temperature. Excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Also suitable for interior automotive components and other applications requiring high modulus properties.

LOCTITE® 3D 3172 High Impact by Henkel
LOCTITE® 3D 3172 High Impact by Henkel

Produce functional parts that require high stiffness with a good surface finish and high impact resistance. Attributes are similar to Polypropylene (PP). This material is impact-resistant and is ideal for tooling applications, manufacturing aids, brackets, jigs and fixtures, housings and consumer applications, such as insoles.

Key guide hard origin one dental resin
KeyGuide® by Keystone Industries

KeyGuide is a dental 3d printing material, ideal for fabricating transparent surgical guides, allowing doctors to place implants at precise angle & depth.

investment casting parts
Somos® WaterShed® AF

Somos® WaterShed AF is a multi-purpose stereolithography resin that meets the requirements for investment casting patterns as it has been designed without antimony to address sensitivities in the casting of certain specialty alloys. As no antimony is used, patterns created with Somos® WaterShed AF leave much lower amounts of ash residue after burnout, reducing clean-up and speeding up mold production.

rgd 720 multi purpose photopolymer

The RGD720 3D printing material is a translucent, multi-purpose photopolymer with high dimensional stability and surface smoothness.

Medical DraftWhite material

The DraftWhite™ is a rigid white material, targeted for single-material medical applications such as orthopedics and craniomaxillofacial. Learn more here.

color model J5 DentaJet
Vero Vivid Colors

Vero Vivid can be used to print high realism full color dental models. Find out more to reach excellent detail visualization.

Wheel digital ABS
PolyJet™ Digital Materials

Explore the versatility of PolyJet 3D Printing materials. From customized flexibility to unique translucency, redefine material design for your projects

Optical sensor housing P3 Deflext 190 ESD
P3™ Deflect™ 190 ESD

A high temperature resistant resin that offers a smooth surface finish. An ideal choice for consumer goods, automotive industry & others. Learn more now.

P3 Stretch IND475
P3 Stretch IND475

Single component industrial strength UV resin that cures to a soft (47A), elastomeric material. Suitable for applications where resilience, snap back, and tear resistance is desired, such as lattice structures and functional prototyping.

Somos QuickGen 500 buckle
Somos® QuickGen™ 500

Somos® QuickGen 500 has unique flexibility; it is more flexible than other resins but stiffer than elastomers, offering both flexibility and spring back.

LOCTITE® 3D MED 413 by Henkel
LOCTITE® 3D MED 413 by Henkel

LOCTITE® 3D MED 413 by Henkel is ideal for use in a wide variety medical devices & applications: durable & reusable medical components, orthotics and more.

FotoDent® denture 385nm by Dreve
FotoDent® denture 385 nm by Dreve

Light-curing resin for the production of denture bases. The material provides for accurate results with an outstanding dimensional stability. FotoDent® denture is MMA-free and stable of colour.

Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 Bottle
Somos® WaterClear® Ultra 10122

Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 is a low-viscosity material that produces accurate, functional parts that simulate an acrylic appearance, with minimized finishing requirements. The material is ideal for applications that require optical clarity, like fluid flow analysis, master patterns and concept and functional models. Somos® WaterClear provides refractive values similar to those of the engineered plastics used for functional testing of optical light transmission work.

Addigy P3001 - 3D Printed Mouth Guard.
Addigy® P3001

Addigy P3001 is a thermoplastic elastomer material for SLS 3D printing technology that combines high energy return with easy processing.

High Yield PA11 - 3D Printed complex part, produced on the Stratasys H350 SAF 3D Printer.
High Yield PA11

Learn about the Stratasys PA11 engineering-grade polymer material processed with SAF technology.

cutting guide med 615 material

Biocompatible 3D printing materials yield more accurate models, faster patient visits, lower costs and a greater variety of medical & dental solutions.

3d printed ear buds black

DraftGrey is the cheapest and fastest way to model on Stratasys PolyJet printers, printing at 2x the speed than normal and perfect for concept modeling.


The softest commercially available 3D printing material lets you create models that feel and behave like native organ tissue when force is applied. TissueMatrix is soft and flexible, but durable enough for suturing, cutting, inserting, and deploying devices. Combined with Agilus30, it creates a range - from highly extensible to stiffened - to simulate fatty tissue, fibrotic tissue, soft organs and tumors.

PolyJet Support Materials
PolyJet Support Materials

Stratasys offers a wide range of PolyJet support materials that are ideal for presentation models, concept prototypes, engineering models and detailed designs.

Jaw model using MED620, VeroDent PureWhite, and Vero Vivid Magenta​
VeroDent™ PureWhite DEN847 by Stratasys

VeroDent™ PureWhite DEN847 offers stiffness and high-quality accurate details. Intended for printing restorative and orthodontic models. Visit to learn more.

Polylactic Acid (PLA)

The PLA 3D printing material offers strength and heat resistance ideal for low-cost, quick rapid prototyping in a wide range of colors.

FDM Nylon CF12 - Carbon Fiber - An Industrial FDM 3D Printing Material
FDM Nylon 12CF (Carbon Fiber)

Get high stiffness-to-weight ratio with Nylon 12CF. Reinforced with 35% carbon fiber. Experience the highest flexural strength of any FDM 3D printing material.

Addigy PPU 86AW6.
Addigy® PPU 86AW6

Addigy PPU 86AW6 is a thermoplastic polyurethane powder designed for powder bed fusion 3D printing technologies such as high speed sintering (HSS).

GP plus
Somos® GP Plus™ 14122

Somos GP Plus 14122 is a low viscosity stereolithography resin with an opaque white appearance.

abs m30i sample

ABS-M30i is a biocompatible thermoplastic 3D printing material perfectly suited for medical, pharmaceutical and food-packaging engineers and designers.

VeroVivid Color Family
VeroVivid Color Family

The VeroVivid color family adds striking color to all 3D printed parts and prototypes with the ability to simulate over 500,000 colors & unlimited tints.

This functional prototype of an automotive intake manifold demonstrates ULTEM™ 1010 resin’s rugged capabilities: the highest heat resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength of any FDM® material. ULTEM™ 1010 resin combines excellent strength with thermal stability for advanced tooling, biocompatibility and food-contact certification.
ULTEM™ 1010 resin

ULTEM™ 1010 resin an FDM high-performance thermoplastic. It's strength-to-weight ratio and FST ratings make it an excellent choice for industrial 3D printing.

fmd nylon6 soaked
FDM Nylon 6

The FDM Nylon 6 3D printing material offers the best combination of strength and toughness of any FDM material along with good impact strength.

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