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The additive manufacturing leader

Stratasys provides complete polymer 3D printing solutions for every stage of the product life cycle, across design, manufacturing, and healthcare. Learn how Stratasys innovations help the world’s leading organizations change lives, gain business agility, and seize competitive advantage with additive manufacturing.

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We empower people to create without limits for an economical, personalized, and sustainable world.

We envision a world in which ideas become reality through 3D printing technology. The imagination of the human mind is unlimited. The limitations are physical ones that we can overcome. We are freeing engineers, manufacturers, educators, designers, doctors, and other creators from those constraints. Through the potential of additive technologies, impossible human challenges become possible.

About us

3D Printing Solutions for Your Industry

A car


3D printing is changing automotive manufacturing, witness how our solutions innovate leading automotive brands to stay competitive.

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An airplane


INFN reduces costs by 90% with agile manufacturing.

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A tooth


Dynaflex use the J700 for accurate, high-output of clear aligners.

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A medical bag


Discover how Stratasys medical 3D solutions are making a difference.

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A gaming joystick

Consumer Products

Kinetic Vision uses 3D printing to sell unique features of AeroFlexx liquid packaging.

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A train


Angel Trains and DB ESG 3D-print spare train parts to reduce lead times by 94%.

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Stratasys and CollPlant Join Forces to Revolutionize Healthcare through Bioprinting of Tissues and Organs

We have teamed up with CollPlant to jointly develop and bring to market a bio-fabrication solution that utilizes Stratasys' P3 bioprinter technology and CollPlant's rh-Collagen bioinks for the creation of human tissues and organs. 

We have successfully acquired Covestro's additive manufacturing materials business.

This acquisition expands our differentiated 3D printed materials offering to address more manufacturing industry applications.

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Stratasys is Committed to Mindful Manufacturing™

We are proud to share our first Stratasys ESG & Sustainability Report.  Our ESG strategy calls for advancing Mindful Manufacturing™, which is the thoughtful redesign of processes, parts and supply chains, utilizing 3D printing across the product lifecycle to maximize sustainability over time, all while supporting business growth.

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3D printed car part model


1960s supercars built with 21st century technology.

Radford Motors uses additive manufacturing from Stratasys to make their low-volume, highly customized specialty automobiles. But cars are complex. Learn how Radford uses multiple Stratasys 3D printing technologies to bring their iconic brand to life on the roads.


3D printed fashion models

Fashion creativity unleashed.

Fashion designers are now producing one-of-a-kind garments with 3DFashion™ technology. Marvel at the complexity in design and optical illusions created by designers that are 3D printing their creations direct to textile. See unlimited creativity unleashed.

Man holding 3D printed anatomical model

patient care:

Digital Anatomy transforms lives.

Seattle Children’s is turning to Stratasys Digital Anatomy to plan complex pediatric surgical procedures. Synthetic digital twins of an actual patient’s anatomy, including the specific pathology in question, is transformative. Watch how it helped Nia.