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Stratasys has revolutionized manufacturing in industries from dental to automotive. We’re not just making one thing – we’re creating new possibilities across the board. 3D printing improves efficiency and redefines the limits of manufacturing.

Realize your ideas. Whatever they are.

Aircraft parts. Orthodontic models. Educational tools. Whatever you need to 3D print, we can help you do it. Decades of working alongside industry leaders means we already create tailored solutions that work for your industry.

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aerospace 3d printing industry


Fly lighter, reduce complexity and simplify production. 3D printing is fueling a smarter future for manufacturing in the aerospace industry.

3D print the exact tool you need, every time. Tools tailored to each user with improved ergonomic properties. All on-demand and ready when you are. And NCAMP validated traceable materials means flight-ready parts and an easier path to certification.

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automotive 3d printing industry


Turbocharge your manufacturing process. From scale model to the point where rubber meets road – 3D printing means better process and lower cost. Print functional prototypes or street-ready parts on-demand.

Produce your own more effective tools, jigs and fixtures. Avoid scrap or retooling by testing before machining. All with unprecedented speed and cost-efficiency.

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consumer goods 3d printing industry

Consumer Goods

More accurate concept modeling. More functional prototyping. Fewer design constraints. 3D printing reduces your time to market and boosts the cost-efficiency of your processes.

Go from design to prototype in hours, not days. Create prototypes from CAD. Get feedback quicker and improve your designs again. Our 3D printing materials mean better products faster.

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dental 3d printing industry


Go from intraoral scan to in-house production faster. Cut delivery times and produce more accurate patient-specific orthodontic appliances. Our solutions integrate with leading intraoral scanners and software to ensure predictable, repeatable results.

Replicate real-life conditions and produce customized tools to improve surgical planning. Or print patient-specific implant models that mimic gum textures and color.

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medical 3d printing industry


Improve surgical planning with tailored 3D printed anatomical models. Make production more agile and create functional parts at a fraction of the cost of machining. Move quickly from prototype to final product, and reduce warehousing costs. Better processes for you and better outcomes for patients.

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education 3d printing industry


Inspire. Make learning fun. Turn-out career-ready students with the knowledge and the experience they need to succeed. 3D printing can do a lot for your students.

Concept modeling and functional prototyping in the classroom helps learners to see, hold and test their ideas – bringing tangible outcomes to their creativity. And access to cutting-edge technology can attract the best students and staff in higher education.

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railway 3d printing industry


Now with the capacity to print production parts, rail companies are able to produce parts as needed – whether that be for restoration purposes or specific tooling for their trains.

Address your transportation production challenges head-on. Ensure your processes stay agile enough to boost overall manufacturing flexibility. With 3D printing, gone are the days of the long lead times associated with traditional methods.

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