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GrabCAD Software

The 3D printing software you need for additive manufacturing at scale.

The GrabCAD AM Software Platform drives additive manufacturing through connected solutions.

Software Solutions

GrabCAD Print

Free 3D printing software to simplify your Stratasys 3D printing workflow. Get professional-quality 3D printed parts faster and simpler.

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GrabCAD Shop

3D printing workflow software for 3D printer operators, engineers and designers. Reduce the time and cost wasted tracking and fulfilling part requests.

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GrabCAD Software Partners

An ecosystem of software providers that have connected to Stratasys technology to provide customers with end-to-end additive solutions.

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GrabCAD SDKs enable independent software vendors and customer developers to connect their Stratasys printers to their MES, design, and simulation solutions via APIs.

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With Stratasys software you can:

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Organize incoming 3D printing jobs and all of your Stratasys 3D printers.

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Communicate on print jobs directly in the work order.

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Print native CAD files to your Stratasys 3D printer from anywhere.

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Analyze material usage, history, and utilization of your printer with in-depth reports and dashboards.

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GrabCAD Print

Our free 3D printing software helps streamline your Stratasys 3D printing workflow. Design and bring your 3D printed parts to market faster.

Key benefits


Print with the promise of design realism

Our PolyJet 3D printing features help you achieve the color, material and finish designers want -- without the need for multiple software solutions.

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Make it perform with FDM

Our FDM features give you next level model customization and printing speed. FDM features such as adaptive slice automatically vary the slice height within a part to decrease printing time while retaining part quality and strength.

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Support for the Stratasys Origin One

GrabCAD Print for the Origin One enables users to prepare files for printing based on application requirements or print time. Additional features include labeling, advanced material management, and access to open materials via the Open Material License (OML) parameter set. 

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Inspect, diagnose & correct with Riven

With the recent aquisition of Riven by Stratasys, GrabCAD software will expand capabilities to help customers quickly inspect, diagnose, and automatically correct deviations between CAD files and actual printed parts.

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GrabCAD Print: The Features

GrabCAD Print helps you get quality prints, faster. Learn more about our PolyJet and FDM features!

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GrabCAD Shop

15% of a typical print operator’s week is wasted tracking down work order requirements and communicating status between engineers, designers and operators. GrabCAD Shop 3D printing management software solves this.

Key benefits

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Simplified work order management

The GrabCAD Shop Orders dashboard gives print operators the ability to view, organize and manage all incoming orders. Administrators can even customize the dashboard how they want.

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Robust shop and business performance analytics

The GrabCAD Shop reporting feature gives managers and print operators insight into their print processes. Report on technology requested, material requested, orders completed and more.

scaling additive manufactoring

Scaling Your Additive Manufacturing Operations with GrabCAD Shop

Learn why GrabCAD Shop is the Stratasys software solution that can help businesses manage the increase in demand for additive production – and even scale operations for business growth.

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GrabCAD Software Development Kit & Software Partner Program

Using the GrabCAD Software Development Kit, Stratasys customers can integrate Stratasys technology into your software environment. 

The GrabCAD Software Partner Program is an ecosystem of software providers that have connected to Stratasys technology to provide customers with end-to-end additive solutions.

Key Benefits


Improve adoption in your organization

Improve additive manufacturing adoption within your company and take control of production.


Integrate additive

Integrate additive manufacturing within your business infrastructure.


Work with the best in the industry

Our GrabCAD Software Partners are the best in the industry, bringing you a complete solution, including MES software, DRM software, PLM software and analytics software.

the key to transforming manufacturing industry

The Key to Transforming Manufacturing

In this industry report, we explore the current state of additive manufacturing, the problems limiting additive’s ability to scale, and how our software platform could be the key to true scalable additive manufacturing.