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Advanced Manufacturing Materials

In engineering, the right materials matter. No one gives you more options throughout the product development life cycle than Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

With Resin photopolymer for fast and detailed concept modeling to certification-tested engineering-grade thermoplastics for production, we can make sure your final product looks and performs exactly as intended.

Thermoplastic Material Selection by Technology



FDM offers 3D printing’s design freedom coupled with strong engineering-grade thermoplastics to create robust parts ideal for functional prototyping and production.

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SAF™ technology powers a new plastic powder bed fusion process to achieve higher volume manufacturing of end-use production parts and enables comprehensive control of the printing process to deliver accurate, consistent, and repeatable parts with engineering-grade thermosplatics. 

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Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering creates tough and geometrically complex components in a wide variety of applications. The parts are strong, water and air-tight, heat-resistant, and repeatable.

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HP Multi Jet Fusion


Multi Jet Fusion offers expanded possibilities for low-cost production parts. The manufacturing process builds complex, fine-detailed components using Nylon 12 or Polypropylene.

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injection molding materials

Injection Molding

Create repeatable, higher volume production parts with any plastic you require with our fast tooling and injection molding process.

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Photopolymer Material Selection by Technology



Create parts in unparalleled resolution and detail with PolyJet. Incorporate multiple photopolymer materials, from flexible to rigid, and full color directly into your part.

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Stereolithography builds with photopolymers to create highly-accurate parts ideal for prototypes, master patterns, large concept models and investment casting patterns.

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3d printed lattice structure using P3 technology

Programmable Photopolymerization (Origin® P3™)

Programmable Photopolymerization produces functional end-use parts, achieving injection mold part quality using many high-performance materials for rigidity, impact resistance, or flexible rubber-like properties.

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