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Introducing Stronger, More Flexible PolyJet Parts

- February 27, 2018

Introducing Stronger, More Flexible PolyJet Parts

At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, we’re excited to offer enhanced capabilities of PolyJet flexible materials for better prototypes and models. As adoption of additive manufacturing expands into new companies, markets, and applications, there will be continuous demand for new and enhanced materials. 

For established technologies like PolyJet, new materials are beneficial for users, as they provide expanded use case possibilities. To enhance parts and medical models that utilize the flexible capabilities of PolyJet, Stratasys Direct now offers Agilus30


Enhanced Flexibility

Agilus30 is a rubber-like PolyJet photopolymer ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping. The material is a more durable, tear-resistant option for prototypes and concept models that need to hold up to repeatable flexing and bending. Agilus30 is translucent in color, with a black Agilus material available in all Shore A values from 30-95.

Agilus30 provides superior tear-resistance, elongation and tensile strength when compared to previous flexible PolyJet materials. Its material property enhancements make it a more viable solution for prototype design verification. The 33.5 lb/in (6 kg/cm) tear strength of Agilus is twice as strong as the previous flexible material offered at Stratasys Direct. 

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3D Printing with PolyJet

PolyJet creates prototypes, models and patterns in unparalleled resolution and detail. Designs are built with end-product feel with hundreds of thousands of material combinations to choose from for end-product realism. The technology allows for the incorporation of diverse material properties and aesthetics, including flexibility and opacity, directly into one component. 

The Stratasys technology jets fine layers of photo-cured material, and offers the fastest build speed for finer feature details. Uniquely offering materials and colors in the same build, PolyJet is ideal for a broad range of prototypes, concept and medical models. Multi-color PolyJet parts can be made in a wide range of opaque color shades, full CMYKW color and translucence. 

polyjet 3d printing

Expanded Applications 

Agilus30 opens up new opportunities for PolyJet parts that have more robust requirements. The rubber-like material can work for realistic simulation of rubber parts, such as grips, seals, gaskets, hoses, knobs and handles. Agilus30 can be used for soft-touch parts or for non-slip surfaces on a prototype simulating a rubber component. 
Other applications include rubber-like surrounds, compression parts and masks and covers. Apparel prototypes and concept models highlighting complex footwear components and other clothing parts can be produced with Agilus30. 
In the medical arena, anatomical models look and feel more realistic, while withstanding more handling and procedural practice repetitions with Agilus30.  For example, Stratasys BIOMIMICS™ utilizes Agilus30 to create a lifelike anatomy models that are used for training, education and pre-procedural planning purposes.
polyjet 3d printing

Prototypes Made Better

Aglius30 is the latest in PolyJet material advancements that enhance prototypes and medical models.  You can create precise parts with rubber-like properties that will survive more flex iterations.
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