Use MED625FLX to direct print indirect bonding trays and provide orthodontists with shorter chair times and optimized bracket placement.

Rapidly produce medical and dental models and devices

Stratasys provides three PolyJet materials to support a range of advanced dental applications.

1. NEW Biocompatible MED625FLX, for the dental market, is a flexible, transparent material, enabling direct printing of indirect bonding trays as well as soft gingival masks for implantology cases.

2. Biocompatible MED610 creates rigid, transparent parts such as surgical guides for dental implant or orthopedic procedures.

3. Biocompatible VeroGlaze MED620, for dental customers, is an opaque rigid material for accurate models and try-ins.

Improve efficiency – load all three materials together. Users of Stratasys dental multi-material printers can load all three materials simultaneously, enabling a full tray of biocompatible materials for mixed applications.

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Biocompatible materials for medical and dental efficiency

Biocompatible MED625FLX, MED610 and MED620 are ideal for medical and dental applications requiring precise visualization and patient contact. The materials are suitable for over 30 days skin contact and up to 24 hours mucosal membrane contact.

MED610 and MED620 are also appropriate for up to 24 hours bone/skin contact.


a chain link graphic that represents strength


20-30 J/m

a fire graphic that represents heat



a chain link graphic that represents strength

Flexural Strength

75-110 MPa

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

Tensile Strength

50-65 MPa


Pre-surgery planning using 3D printed models reduces complex surgeries’ time and improves success rates.

3D printed medical solutions


UK-based Queen Elizabeth Hospital integrates 3D printing into its pre-surgical operations, gaining time and cost savings in operations, and enabling surgeons to work more quickly and precisely to meet the exact needs of each patient.

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3D printed dental model with analogs printed in VeroGlaze (MED620).

Transforming digital dentistry

Predictable, consistent and patient-specific solutions 

As a leader in implantology, Vulcan Custom Dental needed a reliable and accurate 3D printer to quickly produce patient-specific models and surgical guides. With the Objet 260 Dental Selection, Vulcan can print four entire cases including models, soft gingiva mask and surgical guides simultaneously.

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3D printed dental molds for the Orthodontics and Dental Industry

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Advanced materials for superior digital dentistry and orthodontics

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