Märklin Transforms its Production Line With 3D Printed Tools

Known worldwide for creating exact, lifelike model trains, Märklin delivers models built as precise miniature replicas. However, the planning, design, and manufacture of a miniature train is no small undertaking.
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Märklin CNC-milled steel clamps with 3D printed elements.

Märklin has partly replaced CNC-milled steel clamps in the manufacturing process and combined CNC-milled parts together with 3D printed components in the same tool.

“3D printing allows us to produce a customized tool within a day, compared to several weeks, meaning employees can focus more on producing the model trains instead of manufacturing tools.” 

Michael Zauner, Märklin

Bell Helicopter


Get ideas off the ground faster with 3D printed manufacturing tools and validated materials.

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a 3D printed Audi brake light


Functional prototypes. Street-ready parts. More effective tools. 3D print them all.

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A young girl, holding a 3D printed medical model of her own heart that was used for Surgical planning


3D print patient-specific anatomical models – better processes for you, better outcomes for patients.

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