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Biomechanical Evaluation of Printed Liver and Myocardium Samples Using J5 Digital Anatomy™ Printer

Advancing Medical Practice: Mimicking Liver Tissue and Myocardium

Medical WP Printing Tissue with the J5 Digital Anatomy Printer

The Stratasys J5 Digital Anatomy™ Printer enables the creation of realistic models mimicking soft organ, subcutaneous tissue, and myocardium properties.

Using specialized materials, it replicates the mechanical performance of biological tissue, facilitating quicker and more cost-effective model development.

Anatomical models offer significant benefits, including avoiding regulatory ethical requirements and providing longevity and savings compared to cadaveric animal testing. They overcome the limitations of traditional methods like molding and casting for creating patient-specific models with reduced time and expenses.

Biomechanical tests were conducted on samples from the J5 Digital Anatomy Printer to replicate a 2021 study on the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer. This study compared liver and myocardium presets to live porcine tissues.