Eyewear prototype produced with VeroFlex.

VeroFlex prototypes can better withstand drop tests, lens-mounting and wearability tests. 

Create Accurate, Flexible Eyewear Prototypes

VeroFlex offers a unique combination of stiffness and flexibility ideal for all prototyping phases of eyewear design and manufacturing. Get designs with full-part realism in a wide range of colors, textures and materials from opaque to transparent for improved performance testing. 

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Simulate Any Frame Color and Texture

Turn eyewear designs into functional prototypes that accurately simulate the look, feel and function of frames in a range of colors and materials. Reduce product development times and answer every prototyping requirement, from final approval to drop tests, lens mounting and wear-ability tests, with VeroFlex. Create true-to-life prototypes fast to stay ahead of market trends and increase eyewear sales.


Izod impact, notched

20-30 J/m



Flexural Strength

48-88 MPa

Tensile Strength

43-64 MPa



VeroFlex is designed to meet the unique prototyping needs of eyewear manufacturers.

Prototypes at High Speed 

Flexible, colorful eyewear prototypes in 8 weeks or less

With VeroFlex, eyewear designers can rapidly simulate virtually any frame color and texture design. Product development cycles are shortened down to just a couple months, speeding time to market.

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