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Case Study

Innovation Takes a Front Seat

January 25, 2019

Innovation Takes a Front Seat

Automotive Seat Maker Shaves 31% in Costs and 90% in Weight with 3D Printed Check Fixture

TS Tech Co., Ltd, the world’s sixth-largest interior component manufacturer with assembly plants in 13 countries across the globe and $3.6 billion in sales, is the number one seat supplier for an international automotive company. This tier one supplier has expanded its partnership role to include support of global design and manufacturing of the auto company’s seating systems worldwide, so they understand the competitive market and the importance of innovation to maximize their allotted time in the supply chain.

Engineers at TS Tech are constantly evolving and perfecting the tools they use to validate parts. Stephen Mollett, a tooling engineer that oversees the fixtures and tools used to inspect seat frames, was interested in improving the solid aluminum check fixture used to inspect a back seat hinge. And because of his previous working knowledge of 3D printing applications, he understood the potential benefits.

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