shovel handle made with FDM Nylon 12

Tough parts like this shovel handle are good applications for FDM Nylon 12.

Strong and tough with just enough flex.

FDM Nylon 12 combines strength with excellent fatigue properties suitable for repetitive closures, snap fits and vibration-resistant parts. Get the performance of an engineering plastic with the dependability of FDM technology.

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Strong with Good Fatigue Resistance

FDM Nylon 12 has good strength properties, resistance to moderate chemicals and high fatigue resistance. These characteristics make it a good choice for applications involving snap-fit closures, tools with press-fit inserts, components subject to high vibration and parts requiring threaded inserts.


a hourglass graphic that represents tensile


50 MPa (XZ Axis) 42 MPa (ZX Axis)

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile


1.5 GPa (XZ Axis) 1.2 GPa (ZX Axis)

a fire graphic that represents heat

hdt @ 66 psi

95 °C

a chain link graphic that represents strength

izod impact, notched

IZOD Impact, noched = 2.6 ft*lb/in. (XZ Axis), 140 J/m (XZ Axis)

FDM Nylon 12

Switch components made with FDM Nylon 12

Prototyping's A Snap

RedDOT wasted no time capitalizing on Fdm nylon 12.

Mobile HVAC maker RedDOT needed tough but flexible qualities for snap-fit functional prototypes. Their wish came true with FDM Nylon 12.

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