Jacob Institute Medical Collaborators Pioneer 3D Printing Solutions

Together, three institutions are shaping the future of vascular health care and medical device development. Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute (GVI), University at Buffalo’s Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) and the Jacobs Institute share a collective vision to design and establish a vascular care center of the future. This unprecedented co-location of a private hospital system and university research center helps researchers and clinical practitioners develop cutting-edge medical solutions. As a platform for research, 3D printing unlocks new opportunities to advance vascular care.

Stratasys has been a proud partner of the collaborative medical facility since inception, providing doctors and researchers with the most advanced medical modeling options in the world. 3D printing provides the tools to develop and validate the next generation of vascular devices and create optimal therapeutic plans to treat complex diseases.


Dr. Iyer evaluates a patient-specific heart model during a surgery dry-run prior to treating the patient.

"We use 3D printing technology and materials to create a lifelike vascular environment that isn’t achievable any other way.”

Mike Springer, Jacobs Institute