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Our F123 Series makes it fast and easy to create accurate parts, bringing your competitive advantage to life.

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Perfect parts, every time.


Our F123 Series is the world's most reliable range of industrial-grade 3D printers. Paired with our range of quality-controlled materials, this is right-first-time functional prototyping for concept development and design validation. All designed to shorten your product development cycle and keep you ahead of the competition.

More materials. More possibilities.


The F123 Series works with a wide range of materials, including our new elastomer. Create robust, accurate parts, and switch materials in minutes. Imagine. Design. Print.

Fast. Faster. Fast Draft.


Rapid prototyping should be just that. Rapid. F123's Fast Draft mode cuts printing time in half to help you develop products smarter and faster. And it uses around one-third of the material of a standard print without compromising the quality you need – quickly taking you a step closer to your final product.

Soluble support. Dissolves costs.

Achieve complex geometries and cavities with our exclusive soluble support material. A support structure that's printed around the part, saving you any design compromise and hands-on removal, reducing costs and simplifying the prototype-to-product journey.

Less cost. More output.


Workflow is transformed with elastomer and the F123 Series, saving up to 40% of your 3D printing costs. Load designs using our GrabCAD software then let the machine run - and return to a perfect part every time. With minimal print prep and soluble support to handle all your post-print processing, you're free to do more of what you do best.

F123 Series. Designed for designers.

Simple and smart, our F123 Series is designed with designers in mind. F170, F270 or F370, we can suggest the right system for your budget and business, then help you maximize efficiency and utilization.

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