VeroClear lenses simulating PMMA, or acrylic.

VeroClear simulates PMMA, or acrylic, and is ideal for prototyping clear products. 

Rigid Transparency

VeroClear is a transparent material that simulates PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic. Like PMMA, VeroClear is used as an alternative to glass and is ideal for concept modeling and design verification of clear parts such as eyewear, light covers and medical devices.

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Transparent 3D Printing 

VeroClear is a transparent PolyJet photopolymer for clear acrylic simulation. It offers strength, stiffness, elongation and impact resistance, and the ability to blend with other materials for a range of opacities, hues and hardnesses. VeroClear enables visualization of internal components and features, and simulation of glass ideal for form and fit testing of see-through parts. For best clarity, polish, lacquer or photo bleach parts.


Izod Impact, Notched

20-30 J/m 


45-50 °C 

Flexural Strength

75-110 MPa

Tensile Strength

50-65 MPa


Vero Clear

SUTD researchers 3D printed the interlocking table in VeroClear, Vero PureWhite and TangoPlus.

Groundbreaking Design

Designing Multi-scale structures at the voxel level

SUTD researchers explored the structural behavior of traditional timber joinery systems using GrabCAD Voxel Print. The team 3D printed a simulated glass interlocking table in VeroClear, Vero PureWhite and TangoPlus with wood-grain texture.

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