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J850™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D Printer

Proven anatomical realism.

J850™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D Printer
Materials and software combine to create 3D medical models of human anatomy that mimic bone and tissue with realism you can see and feel.

Anatomical realism you can see and feel.

The J850 Digital Anatomy Printer brings medical models to life with incredible realism that accurately represents both the appearance and response of human tissue. These models provide unmatched clinical versatility, repeatability and accuracy for healthcare professionals and medical device companies. 

Experience the most consistent, accurate representation of your targeted pathology.

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Structural Heart

Experience the physiological response of native cardiac tissue.

• See the accurate biomechanical behavior associated with age, gender, ethnicity, and other pathological and physiological characteristics.

• Feel realistic feedback while suturing, cutting, inserting, and deploying devices in 3D-printed cardiac tissue.

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Blood Vessels

Experience the arterial elasticity caused by changes in blood pressure and disease.

• See how the artery moves as internal and external forces are applied with blood vessel material that can mimic both healthy and diseased vessels.

• Feel realistic vessel responses while inserting and deploying devices.

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Experience the density properties and haptic response of human bone.

• See accurate bone articulation with variations in cancellous and cortical density.

• Feel realistic feedback while tapping, reaming, sawing, inserting screws and attaching plates.

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General Anatomy

Experience the response of native organ tissue.

• See the accurate biomechanical behavior associated with organ structures and disease states.

• Feel realistic feedback in 3D-printed medical models of native organ tissue while suturing, cutting, inserting, and deploying devices.

Business impact.

Reduce costs. Increase efficiency.



Standardize surgical skills and delivery of care by practicing on the most accurate 3D representation of your patient’s pathology.



Accelerate time to market with 3D printed medical models that provide high repeatability between samples, minimizing confounding variables and allowing for clinically-relevant benchtop testing. 



Explore and complete medical research more efficiently with 3D-printed anatomies that provide more repeatable, consistent results than real tissue. 

Digital Anatomy materials.

The Digital Anatomy material family provides fully customized 3D-printed medical models for anatomical realism you can see and feel. Each anatomy preset in the Digital Anatomy software license is configured using unique material combinations that vary in softness, flexibility and density to mimic native tissue and bone behavior. Three advanced material options make mimicking human anatomy simpler than ever.

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Create complex material depositing patterns that mimic porous bone structures, fibrotic tissues, and ligaments, providing the most realistic feedback when cutting and drilling.

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With unique GelMatrix material and GelSupportTM depositing patterns, users can design and print extremely complex vascular structures and easily remove internal support material.

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The softest commercially available 3D printing material creates models that respond like native organ tissue when force is applied.

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Feel the difference.

Animal, cadaver, and synthetic models are far from perfect – now there’s another option. The Digital Anatomy 3D Printer is your solution for ultra-realistic anatomical simulation. With three unique digital materials and an extensive library of anatomical presents, you can create a range biomechanical models that look, feel, and respond like the real thing. Whether your application is device testing, medical training, or surgical preparation, the Digital Anatomy Printer provides accurate simulation of clinical situations in a risk-free setting.

Explore our anatomical applications.

Read the Children's Hospital Colorado case study below.


See the difference.

When full color capabilities are desired over biomechanical properties, the Digital Anatomy 3D Printer offers unlimited possibilities. Choose colors. Define transparencies. Determine textures and finishes. Create an end product that’s as close to the real thing as possible. With PolyJet technology and multi-material capabilities built-in, you can 3D print prototypes or medical models in the most intricate detail.

Do you need increased transparency, too? Improving your printed transparency levels is simpler than ever. Learn more about the ProBleacher System here.

Unlimited 3D possibilities with the Digital Anatomy Creator.

The Digital Anatomy Creator module provides advanced capabilities to Digital Anatomy printer software. This user-friendly graphic interface allows users to take full advantage of the different materials on the Digital Anatomy Printer. Operators can create a custom preset with their desired mechanical properties and colors to receive a final model with specific mechanical properties and visualization.

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GrabCAD™ Digital Anatomy Software.

The power to create.

With Digital Anatomy Printer software, you have the power to create the most lifelike 3D-printed anatomical models available in a few simple clicks.

Combinations of materials and more than 100 physician-tested, validated anatomy presets allow you to mimic disease states and physiological factors with biomechanical accuracy.


Mimic accurate biomechanical behavior.


Create lifelike models in a few simple clicks.


Select from physician-tested, validated anatomy presets.

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