Design for (the Madness of) Additive Manufacturing

The heightened “freedom of design” that is inherent in 3D printing is taking all kinds of industries by storm, including aerospace, medical, and automotive. But how do we actually define this elusive “Design for Additive Manufacturing” practice? Is it just another flavor of design for manufacturing… or is it something a little bit more? In this webinar Blueprint consultant David Busacker proposes and critiques various definitions of design for 3D printing. Blueprint’s DFAM definition as taught in their Think Additively workshop is explained through use of various examples from industries including sporting goods innovation and generative design. Join Blueprint for this brief exploration into what’s well-understood (and what’s a little bit mad) about designing for additive manufacturing. 
Blueprint DFAM Design for Additive Manufacturing Webinar Preview

“Everyone’s talking about Design for Additive Manufacturing… let’s finally get it straight.”

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