FDM Reduces the Time and Cost Required to Develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Leptron is a leader in remotely piloted helicopters focusing on law enforcement, military and civilian uses. Leptron’s RDASS 4 is a unique unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that weighs only five pounds and can be in the air in five minutes’ notice. Its four battery-powered electric motors enable it to hover at 100 feet with a half-mile line of sight. The device carries a wide range of cameras and other electronic equipment.

A typical military application for the RDASS 4 is to provide an armored vehicle with the ability to see over the horizon and inspect terrain or structures that might present a danger. Computer simulation has shown that the device can increase survivability of an armored vehicle by 50%. The RDASS 4 also has many other applications including police work.

The RDASS 4 unmanned aerial vehicle weighs only  five pounds

The RDASS 4 unmanned aerial vehicle weighs only five pounds.

“It would not have been possible for a company of our size to design and build this product using conventional manufacturing methods.”

John Oakley, Leptron