Digital ABS Plus creates parts with high thermal resistance and toughness.

Digital ABS Plus greatly improves the mechanical and thermal performance of parts and prototypes.

Simulated ABS Plastic for High-Temp Resistance and Toughness

Digital ABS Plus creates realistic, precise parts and tools that are tough and heat resistant. Designed to simulate durable production plastics, Digital ABS Plus delivers high impact strength with high-temperature resistance and superior finish.

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3D Print Tough, Heat-Resistant Prototypes and Tooling

Digital ABS Plus simulates standard ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness. Suitable for parts that require PolyJet technology’s highest possible impact resistance, Digital ABS Plus improves the mechanical and thermal performance of parts and prototypes for design verification and functional performance testing.


a chain link graphic that represents strength


90-115 J/m

a fire graphic that represents heat

HDT @ 0.45MPa


a chain link graphic that represents strength

Flexural Strength

55-75 MPa

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

Tensile Strength

45-60 MPa

Digital ABS plus

Digital ABS Plus can produce prototypes and tough production parts.

High-Requirement Prototyping

Turck 3D prints tough parts and molds fast

To save time and avoid losing potential clients with custom requests, Turck uses Digital ABS Plus to 3D print durable prototypes and injection molds.

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