Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

One of the great things about having an extremely accurate 3D printer and 7 different materials to choose from is the sheer scope of cool stuff that you can create! In the short clip above we've designed and 3D printed a classic car model that can be assembled by hand using parts printed on the Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printer.

If you have access to your own 3D printer you can now download the STL file for the classic car. Feel free to send me photos or video of the final result!

We also had a lot of fun putting together this miniature garden furniture set below - each piece of the set printed in one of our 7 materials (clear transparent, high temperature, polypropylene-like, rigid black, rigid white, rigid gray and rigid blue).

Furniture set 3D Printed on the Objet30 Pro

Furniture Set 3D Printed on the Objet30 Pro.

This is also the time to thank all those on twitter who've re-tweeted the classic car video around the blogosphere. Over the last week we've randomly selected 7 of those tweeters and each will now receive the classic car set in a presentation box.

And the winners are:

Day 1: @guitarhe_ro

Day 2: @sciupdate

Day 3: @edouard_berg

Day 4: @stevetalkowski

Day 5: @gerrycordoba22

Day 6: @print3dparts

Day 7: @roflexlolvin

Congratulations to you all! You will be shortly receiving the Objet 3D printed classic car model for you to put together in your spare's a great conversation maker for your workstation or desktop!