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A Life-Giving Plan.

Examination of soluble polymer structures.

A product design is only as good as it functions in the real world, a design may be revolutionary and perfect, only to fall flat when it comes to performing under real circumstances. We, at Stratasys, decided to test our soluble cores. We provided multiple mandrel builds to the Composites and Polymer Engineering (CAPE) Laboratory of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to let them test under conditions of elevated temperature and pressure. This whitepaper will cover the results.

Over the next fifty-three pages, we will be discussing Stratasys soluble cores functional testing. We will cover the materials, the experimental conditions and results, the mandrel testing, vacuum bagging testing, autoclave testing, composite part manufacture, compiled measurements and observations, and much more. We wanted to make sure our testing was done to the extent of use of the product, so we worked with the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to make sure nothing was overlooked. Download the whitepaper to see what we learned.