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At this event, you'll learn about the latest innovations in 3D printing, post-processing, software for printers and much more. Upcoming Event
Join us at Stratafest!
June 22, 2023

Become an expert in additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing has presented solutions to some of manufacturing's oldest problems, including high production costs, supply chain issues and issues with part quality and accuracy. At this event, you'll learn about the latest innovations in 3D printing, post-processing, software for printers and much more. We'll be joined by our partner companies who specialize in the things you need to take your production to the next level.

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An H350 SAF Printer Upcoming Webinar
Injection Molding vs. 3D Printing with SAF
June 21, 2023

Recent advancements in the world of 3D printing have made it possible to produce end-use parts in high volumes and low costs, comparable to traditional manufacturing like injection molding. Where does it make sense to use 3D printing to complement or even replace traditional processes? In this webinar, you’ll see cost comparisons to traditional manufacturing, case studies where SAF™ is used for volume manufacturing today, and more.

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SAF GrabCAD Print Pro Upcoming Webinar
GrabCAD Print Pro: High-Performance Prototypes & Manufacturing at Scale
June 07, 2023

This webinar will introduce GrabCAD Print Pro for FDM, exploring its capabilities and features to minimize manpower, costs, and workflow disruptions.

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Design sample 3D printed direct-to-textile with 3DFashion Technology Blog
How Stratasys is Revolutionizing Textile Design with Direct-to-Textile 3D Printing
June 06, 2023

Stratasys is changing the textile industry with 3DFashion tech. Discover how it transforms multiple industries & paving the way for a new era of textile printing.

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manufcaturing-production-lead-time Blog
Cutting Production Lead Times with 3D Printing
June 05, 2023

Looking to cut down your production lead time and reduce bottlenecks? Learn how Stratasys 3D printing is the solution to streamlining your manufacturing process.

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Automation Image Blog
Meet the future of high-volume part production at Automate 2023
May 21, 2023

Discover the fully automated 3D printing process with the P3 Automated Production Cell at Automate 2023. Watch the video & learn about this game-changing technology

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Neo Blog Blog
The Story of Neo®
May 19, 2023

Read the story of the Neo, the printer that pushed stereolithography boundaries in terms of reliability, quality and ease of use. ​

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neo printer Case Study
Reliable, Rapid Prototyping with Realize, Inc. – Neo Stereolithography 3D Printer Upgrade Yields Better Parts and Cost Savings
May 17, 2023

Due to ongoing maintenance costs & reliability issues with its legacy machines, Realize needed a larger, reliable, open resin SL solution. Read more

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Grabcad Print Pro Computer Blog
Introducing GrabCAD Print Pro
May 16, 2023

Explore the new features and advantages of the premium version of GrabCAD Print, GrabCAD Print Pro

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formula 1 Case Study
Why High-Performance Companies Choose Neo® Stereolithography 3D Printers
May 15, 2023

Learn how Stratasys empowers businesses to achieve superior performance, innovation, and efficiency with Neo Stereolithography technology.

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