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Make it stronger.

You are on a mission to deliver not just another part or tool, but something better than ever before thought possible. Your business demands that the final product will be stronger, more cost effective and less complex to produce. 3D Printing with advanced materials and filaments can meet your most challenging requirements.

Composites and thermoplastics that deliver unparalleled strength.

Making strong and reliable end-use parts just got easier with our materials advancements. Motivated by our customers’ demands to develop and fabricate their designs quickly to achieve the strongest part performance in the most intense environments, the first time and every time.

make it strong nylon12cf v1

Carbon fiber

Our carbon fiber composite 3D printing materiall, Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber, consists of chopped fiber combined with Nylon 12 to deliver the strength and stiffness you need for rigid tools, prototypes and production parts. Its strength and stiffness make it the perfect material to replace metals like aluminum for lighter parts and tools.

antero800na valueprop new

Chemical and heat resistance

With its chemical and heat resistance combined with its outgassing properties, Antero 800NA blends FDM's design freedom with the high strength and dimensional stability of PEKK - making it suitable for aircraft and space applications.

ultem1010 tool 495x286

High tensile strength 

The strongest of our FDM thermoplastics, ULTEM™ 1010 resin combines high tensile strength with excellent thermal properties - making it suitable for high-temperature solutions like replacing heavy composite tooling with autoclave-capable, lightweight alternatives or for withstanding heat sterilization for use in medical tooling applications.

ultem9085certified valueprop new

High strength-to-weight ratio and FST rating 

Its high strength-to-weight ratio and FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) rating make ULTEM™ 9085 resin a great solution for weight-reduction applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin filament ships with full traceability as required by the aerospace industry.

"I don't think everyone was aware of the possibility of being able to 3D print parts with this level of strength until they began seeing the capabilities of (carbon fiber) Nylon 12CF."

When you have a tough problem, we have a strong solution

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