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USA & Canada
USA & Canada
Boom Supersonic Plane
On-Demand Webinar

Breaking the sound barrier with additive manufacturing

Date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM CDT
Duration: 1 hour


Foster Ferguson, Stratasys Direct

Ruslan Pshichenko, Boom Supersonic

Daniel Searle, Stratasys Direct


Breaking the Sound Barrier with Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry is skyrocketing, with incredible breakthroughs in materials and applications. In this webinar, learn how aerospace is maximizing the utilization of additive manufacturing technologies, including a first-person account from Boom Supersonic, a long-time user of 3D printing technologies.

You’ll learn:

·        The manufacturing challenges Boom faced and how AM addressed those challenges

·        The technologies and solutions Stratasys Direct utilized to manufacture high-requirement AM parts

·        Where the AM journey began and how a combination of in-house printers and outsourcing to a service provider led to greater success and AM adoption


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