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Improving the lives of CHD patients

With the exponential improvement of 3D printing technology since its inception, we're finally at a point in history where we can realistically print heart anatomies with exact accuracy. The application of this technology has had a direct impact on patients' lives, making surgeries safer due to extensive surgery preparation on exact replicas. This incredible technology has made an enormous difference in the field of congenital heart disease. With frequent surgeries on patients on a time limit, proper surgical preparation has been made possible by printing exact heart replicas for each individual patient in a matter of hours.

Over the next ten pages, we will be discussing 3D printing in congenital heart disease. We will cover technique, congenital heart surgery cases, interventional cardiology cases, a patient education case showing that educating the patient on what will happen during the procedure will give the patient and their family confidence, and a student education case. This technology directly impacts lives, download the whitepaper to learn more.