LOCTITE® 3D IND405 Clear

Clear photopolymer with a smooth surface finish and good impact resistance. Ideal for mechanical guides, fluid ducts, and microfluidic devices. Also suitable for light pipe and packaging prototyping.

LOCTITE® 3D IND405 Clear is a one-part semi-rigid 3D printable resin with good impact strength and elongation. IND405 comes off the printer frosted but can be polished to an optically clear finish. This material can be machined, tapped and polished, and is ideal for microfluidic devices as well as guide overlays. Based on its unique set of performance attributes, its qualities are most comparable to unfilled polypropylene.
Key Features
  • check.svg Good impact strength
  • check.svg 120% elongation at break
  • check.svg 52MPa ultimate tensile strength
  • check.svg Heat deflection temperature: 53° C (127.4° F)
  • check.svg Excellent surface quality
  • check.svg Clear finish with secondary process

Kompatible Drucker

origin one 3d printer

Origin® One

Ein revolutionärer 3D-Drucker für eine flexible Fertigung gebrauchsfertiger Endbauteile aus verschiedenen Hochleistungsmaterialien. Erzielen Sie eine branchenführende Genauigkeit, Einheitlichkeit, Detailtreue und Durchsatz mit der Programmable Photopolymerization P3™-Technologie. Bereiten Sie sich auf eine neue Ära des 3D-Drucks vor.

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