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Product Development Life Cycle
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Product Development Life Cycle Stage - Plan

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Align with Market Demands

Plan - With an optimized design that’s been validated by prototyping, a development team may begin specifying the course of action to get a product to market. At this stage, designers and engineers will frequently pick the materials for their parts, decide which manufacturing methods to use, how much work to manage in-house and how much to outsource, as well as coordinating suppliers. Well-planned sourcing orchestrates the best way to get your product to market on-time and at the lowest possible cost.

Stratasys Direct offers a range of manufacturing methods and materials to choose from for your application, and our handy Material Wizard tool helps you filter through them with key characteristics. For additional functional testing of materials and manufacturing methods, functional prototypes made with thermoplastics and metals are perfect for tough environment testing.

Not sure your in-house manufacturing can handle the demand? Our large capacity of advanced manufacturing processes align us as your teammate as you begin to plan for production. Our Design Services team offers assessment services to help ease the adoption of AM into your value chain.


Our Services for Planning

Custom Manufacturing Methods


Learn more about our advanced manufacturing solutions and their unique advantages from prototyping to production applications.

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Material Wizard


Filter through our catalogue of materials and find the ideal material for your application by choosing key characteristics and properties.

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Functional Prototyping


Prove out and perfect your designs in rigorous testing scenarios with tough functional prototypes.

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