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Functional Prototypes

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Functional Prototyping

Test, Correct, & Improve Your Designs

Prove and perfect your designs in rigorous testing scenarios with tough 3D printed prototypes. With a range of technologies and engineering-grade materials to choose from, you can reveal how your product performs before market production.

Correct errors and improve designs early in the development process by taking advantage of our fast prototyping services. High-performance prototypes built with FDM, LS or DMLS can withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress, adding a new level of performative data for your product.

Benefits of 3D Printing Functional Prototyping

Direct Metal Laser Sintering Production Parts


Realistically simulate the mechanical function of end use products by 3D printing parts in precise, dynamic friction and thermal coefficients with the same materials as the final product.

Simulate Utility


Mimic the functions of your product with living hinges and overmolds. Incorporate these simulations for a prototype that operates like the end product.

Tough Testing Ready


Incorporate internal features, embed measurement equipment and utilize lightweight materials with prototypes for tough testing, such as wind tunnel testing.

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