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Great Western Railway Train on Tracks Case Study
New Life for Old Rolling Stock
February 20, 2024

Read our new case study to learn how GWR uses 3D printing to bring sustainability to the rails.

Christopher-Tool-Office Case Study
Laser Marking Fixtures - Christopher Tool
January 08, 2024

Learn how Christopher tool switched their laser marking fixture production to 3D printing and saved valuable time and money,

Composite 3D Printing Solutions Guide Resource Guide
How and Why Composite 3D Printing with Carbon Fiber Improves Manufacturing Operations

Learn how Stratasys composite 3D printing is solving everyday problems on the manufacturing floor with 3D printed carbon fiber tooling.

99 Labs Metal Forming Tool Part Case Study
99p Labs is Growing in Production While Cutting Production Costs with FDM® Nylon-12CF
June 06, 2023

See how FDM® Nylon-12CF is cutting costs and creating faster tool production for 99P Labs.

GrabCAD Print Pro image Resource Guide
Explore GrabCAD Print Pro Features

Explore GrabCAD Print Pro features with this infographic. See the exclusive features available built to optimize workflow, preparation time & budgets.

Graco Hand Tool Use Case Case Study
Graco Takes Design to the Next Level with Stratasys F370®CR Composite 3D Printer
April 28, 2023

Graco engineers designed a stronger tooling handle faster & easier with the Stratasys F370®CR composite 3D printer and FDM® Nylon-CF10 thermoplastic.

Mercury Marine Uses Composite 3D Printing Case Study
Mercury Marine Innovates with F370®CR Composite Printer & Materials to Create Custom Decal Application Fixture
April 27, 2023

Mercury Marine designers 3D printed their latest custom decal hat fixture using an F370®CR composite printer and high-strength carbon-fiber composite thermoplastics.

East/ West image 2 Case Study
East West Industries: 3D Printing Metal Forming Dies
March 15, 2023

If you want to learn how East/ West Industries used Stratasys technology to produce its metal forming dies 87% faster, read our use case now.

Graco Manufacturing Case Study
Graco Engineers 3D Printed Metal Forming Dies Using FDM Technology
March 15, 2023

Graco Inc. saw an 80% cost reduction with Metal Forming Die when they used an F370CR composite 3D printer using FDM Nylon-CF10. Learn more!

Automotive research and development with additive manufacturing processes. Resource Guide
The Future of Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing resource guide driving into production-grade parts produced using SAF™, FDM™, and P3™ technologies 3D printers by Stratasys.

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