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FDM Technology - 3D Printers - Stratasys Resource Guide
FDM Energy Cost Saving Solution Brief

Although FDM® 3D printing technology offers cost efficiencies compared with traditional manufacturing, it consumes energy, which costs money. However, there are ways to reduce your printer’s energy cost footprint, and they’re relatively easy to implement.

Dental buyers guide preview image Resource Guide
Dental 3D Printing Buyer's Guide: Unlock the Secrets of Successful Dental 3D Printing

Get ready to take your lab to the next level & unlock the secrets of successful dental 3D printing with our new buyer's guide for dental applications.

Medical Buyer Guide medical Resource Guide
Medical Devices Life Cycle - A Buyer’s Guide to 3D Printing.

Our guide to 3d printing in the medical device lifecycle will help you to accelerate your medical device development process. Download your free copy today

GrabCAD Print Pro image Resource Guide
Explore GrabCAD Print Pro Features

Explore GrabCAD Print Pro features with this infographic. See the exclusive features available built to optimize workflow, preparation time & budgets.

SAF 3D technology h350 print Resource Guide
Print Consistent Parts, Time After Time, with the SAF™ Technology Design Guide

This SAF™ technology Design Guide provides how to achieve the best outcome with the advanced options that the H350 printer provides. Download it here.

Best 3D Printers for Automotive Solution Guide Resource Guide
How to Choose the Best 3D Printer for Your Automotive Needs

Understand which Stratasys additive manufacturing technology to use when 3D printing automotive parts by reading this in-depth solution guide!

Best 3D Printing Materials for Automotive Manufacturing CTA Resource Guide
Choosing the Right 3D Printing Materials for Automotive Manufacturing

There are a variety of 3D printing materials to choose from for automotive manufacturing. Learn how to select the right material for your automotive needs.

racecar at pitstop Resource Guide
Turning ideas into parts on the car - faster than ever before.

Turning ideas into parts on the car - faster than ever before with Stratasys' stereolithography and FDM 3D printing technologies.

Turbomachinery industrial equipment Resource Guide
Minimizing Costs and Lead Times for Support Machine Components

The variety of Stratasys technologies allow you to print prototyping and end-use parts, filling in the gaps in your supply chain. Download our Solutions Guide to learn more!

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