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Valiant site image Case Study
Staying agile and flexible with the right 3D printing solution
October 26, 2023

Valiant TMS tested and evaluated on their Origin® One 3D printer elastomeric materials, which previously proved tricky to do in other technologies. Read the results.

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Valiant TMS Use Case Header Image Robots Case Study
P3 Technology Use Case for Auto A-Pillar Latch Tool Handle
July 20, 2023

Learn how Valiant TMS, a leader in intelligent automation solutions for aerospace and automotive industries, utilized P3 3D Printing technology to create a smooth, ergonomic A-pillar latch tool handle. Discover impressive cost reduction and faster print time achieved with the Origin One 3D printer, along with the benefits of Dura56 material. Read about the impact on manufacturing efficiency and operator comfort in this use case.

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Case study from Valiant TMS, featuring the Origin One 3D printer. Case Study
Valiant TMS Keeps Pace with Customer Needs with Origin One
April 25, 2023

Valiant leverages additive manufacturing to enhance its production automation systems. Read how the Origin One 3D printer helped Valiant achieve their goals!

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Nissan Nismo Origin 3D printed grip Case Study
Origin One Steers NISMO Racing Towards Production 3D Printing Solutions
May 09, 2022

Stratasys Origin One flexible production capability produces end-use parts for Nissan’s Super GT racing team

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Protec Dental Laboratories and Origin One Dental. Case Study
Protec Dental Laboratories and Origin One Dental.
February 10, 2022

Learn how new technology boosted production and cut ongoing costs.

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Dura56 bull rider scooter Case Study
The Bull Rider, by Stratasys Origin One.
October 29, 2021

Learn how Origin and Henkel Loctite made the Bull Rider kick scooter using the low cost, tough Dura56 material that leaves a high-quality surface finish.

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Origin One printing process close up. Case Study
How Origin One and Forward AM drive material development.
September 29, 2021

Learn why Origin One’s leading Open Materials License is based on feedback from three years of deep partnerships with leading chemical manufacturers.

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Slicelab snowboard hero image. Case Study
Extreme sports equipment printed on Stratasys Origin One.
August 15, 2021

Customized snowboard bindings made possible with Stratasys Origin One’s cutting-edge printing capabilities and extensive material catalog.

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TE Connectivity man in factory Origin One. Case Study
Stratasys Origin One delivers end-use parts to withstand harsh environments.
July 13, 2021

Learn how Stratasys Origin One produced end-use 3D printed electrical connectors that meet aerospace requirements.

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Enventys heater holder Case Study
Slashing costs, improving performance with Stratasys Origin One.
July 01, 2021

Learn how Enventys Partners delivers end-use biocompatible devices, while avoiding long lead times and high costs with the Stratasys Origin One.

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