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3d printing clinical simulation

Enhancing clinical preparedness.

The greatest way to prepare medical students for real-world procedurals and operations is by giving them the most realistic simulations possible to test their knowledge. The most effective technology we have adapted for medical teaching purposes is 3D printing. Utilizing printers like the PolyJet J750 Digital Anatomy printer to create life-like models of human anatomy for surgical preparation and procedural testing is the closest simulation students can get to working with real patients without working on real patients.

Over the next twenty-six pages, you'll learn all about how 3D printing is being implemented into curriculums around the world to prepare students for procedures and working with patients in the most realistic and life-like simulations possible. We'll discuss the methodology, biomodels, simulations, trials and studies to understand the impact that 3D printing has had on medical education. See how 3D printing is making medical education smarter and more realistic by downloading the whitepaper today.