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Meet the future of high-volume part production at Automate 2023

Maria Fatialofa Mai 21, 2023
Mai 21, 2023

Last year we teamed up with Calvary Robotics to demonstrate a fully automated 3D printing process.


By connecting up the Stratasys Origin 3D printer to a full automation system from Calvary Robotics we created the P3™ Automated Production Cell demonstrator for reliable, repeatable, high-volume part production.


The P3 Automated Production Cell enables 24/7 production with near-zero operator involvement required. The process is tightly controlled, and the resulting parts are entirely repeatable.


See the P3 Automated Production Cell in action

If you missed the P3 Automated Production Cell’s debut at Formnext 2022 don’t despair. We’re excited to be in Detroit, Michigan on May 22-25 for Automate 2023! 

Visit Calvary Robotics at Booth #4007 (in Hall B) and see the future of automated 3D printing in action! 

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P3 presented

From print to perfect part without operator handling

Using robotics, our P3 technology can be scaled to factory-level production. The automated process ensures continuous production from printing to final part, streamlining costs and post-production while maximizing throughput.

 Here’s how it works:

      Parts are printed on the Origin One® 3D Printer.

 ●     After printing, the robotic arm removes the build head with the attached parts.

 ●     The build head is then taken automatically to the washing process.

 ●     After part washing, the parts are UV cured.

 ●     Finished parts are scraped from the build head and placed into a bin.

 ●     The empty build head is automatically returned to the next available printer.

 This fully automated process has clear benefits for your business - from cost-savings and efficiencies to compliance and risk-reduction:

       24/7 automated production maximizes throughput and scalability

  ●     Accurate and repeatable part production and post processing

  ●     Configure with various printers and post-processing equipment

  ●     Lower costs and operational headcount

  ●     Reduce dependency on supply chains

  ●     Meet Industry 4.0 standards

  ●     Greater design flexibility

Can’t make it to Automate this year? 

Ready to scale up your production processes? You can find out more about the Stratasys Origin One here or get in touch to see if P3 fits your needs.