P3 Stretch

Origin® One high-performance materials now available.

Maria Fatialofa Februar 10, 2023
Februar 10, 2023

The P3™ technology-based Origin® One 3D printer is enabling mass production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials.  The wide range of materials available offers customers the ability to produce parts with properties specific to their application such as high-temperature tolerances, or low shore hardness and good tear strength.

P3 Deflect™ 120, from Evonik, and P3 Stretch™ IND475 from Henkel are two recently launched materials that are now available to ship to customers that are looking to develop specific applications using Stratasys’ P3 (Programmable Photopolymerization) technology.

  •  P3 Deflect™ 120 black is the first material launched by Stratasys from Evonik, the fourth and newest material partner to join the P3 platform. Deflect 120 is an easy and fast printing, single component material. With a temperature resistance of 121 °C and elongation at break of 4%; the material enables new applications such as low-pressure molds, housings and brackets, and higher temperature tooling – previously not feasible or well-addressed with the current material portfolio.
  • P3 Stretch™ IND475 black is a soft elastomer (Shore 35-45A) developed with Henkel. It is a resilient, low shore hardness material with adequate tear strength. This material is one of the softest, single-component elastomers that can be printed on the P3 platform with minimal alterations to the printer workflow. Customers can work with this material for applications including robotic end of arm tooling, automotive gaskets and door seals, and consumer wearables prototyping.

Visit our website to learn more about P3 Deflect™ 120 black and P3 Stretch™ IND475 black materials and the Origin® One P3 Technology.