Connex1 Objet260 and Objet500


    Multi-Material Large Parts and Mixed Trays

    The Objet500 Connex1 3D Printer lets you rethink what’s possible on tight development budgets and timelines. This 3D printer can combine two or three base resins in a single print job to simulate overmolding, generate multi-material tools and models, or produce trays of assorted parts – all for immediate use without assembly.

    Multi-material technology gives you the versatility to create models from 17 available base resins. Simulate rubber, polypropylene, standard manufacturing plastics and more.

    Ultra-fine build layers help you create fine details and smooth surfaces. Print parts with precise threading or crisp tracking codes directly from the CAD file. PolyJet technology gives you thin walls and outstanding accuracy, to meet the most exacting standards of your team and your clients.

    Efficient workflow ensures you spend less time attending to printers and processing parts. PolyJet models are ready without post-curing. Hands-free support removal and material hot-swapping (replacing an empty cartridge while a second cartridge of the same material is in use) further minimize demands on your time and effort.

    Soluble support capability adds more time savings with hands-free support material removal, increasing productivity. Choose between soluble support and WaterJet-removable support.

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    Objet500 Connex1 3D Printer

    Versatile Material Options


    Transparent materials with great dimensional stability and surface smoothness

    Rubber-like materials (Tango family and Agilus30) suitable for non-slip and non-scratch surfaces or simulated overmolding

    Rigid Opaque materials (Vero family) in white, gray, blue and black

    Simulated polypropylene materials with toughness and durability to create living hinges, flexible closures and snap-fit prototypes



    • SUP706 (soluble)
    • SUP705 (WaterJet removable)

    Connex1 3D printed part


    System Size and Weight

    1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm (55.1 x 49.6 x 43.4 in.); 430 kg (948 lbs.)
    Material Cabinet: 330 x 1170 x 640 mm (13 x 46.1 x 26.2 in.); 76 kg (168 lbs.)

    Build Size

    490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.4 x 7.9 in.)

    Layer Thickness

    Horizontal build layers as fine as 16 microns (.0006 in.)


    Typical deviation from STL dimensions, for models printed with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±100μ; above100 mm – ±200μ.

    Build Resolution

    X-axis: 600 dpi; Y-axis: 600 dpi; Z-axis: 1600 dpi

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    Objet500 Connex1 3D Printer


    Objet Studio

    Objet500 Connex1 3D Printer comes with Objet Studio software. Objet Studio offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to choose materials, optimize the build and manage print queues.

    a screen showing Objet Studio software

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