j35 pro 3d printer

J35™ Pro 3D Printer

The versatile multi-material office printer.
The J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet 3D printer suitable for the shared office offering multi-material capabilities for functional design and concept modelling providing engineers and designers the versatility to produce parts that match their exact needs.

Need a better understanding of how the J35 Pro simplifies your workflow? The J35 Pro e-book provides detailed data and screenshots. You won’t believe how easy it is.


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Consumer electronics

Functional prototyping
Design prototyping

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Research Institutes
University “in-house” 3D printing

Key Benefits

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Supports engineers and designers with different needs during various stages of the product development cycle is challenging.

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Office & user-friendly

Provides the benefits of an engineering-grade printer without the hassles.

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Reducing costs & time

All-in-one multi-material PolyJet printer with highest quality and value.

Compatible Materials



VeroUltra™ enables the perfect simulation of high-quality injection moulded parts. These new colours meet the 2D graphics standards while providing strong colour contrast and colour separation. Super realistic labels, graphics or text can be added to the model to simulate silkscreen printing or printed stickers.

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VeroUltra™ ClearS

VeroUltraClearS provides exceptional, unbeatable clarity combined with strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.

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The ultimate material for concept modeling that offers stiffness and versatility at an extremely affordable price.

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Elastico™, a Clear/Black flexible PolyJet Photopolymer showing improved elongation to break and tear resistance and is ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping.

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3D printed food storage container lid

Digital ABS

Digital ABS Plus™ is designed to simulate standard ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness.

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WSS 150


Water soluble support for fast, hands-free removal. 

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Gel-like breakaway support for mechanical removal by hand or waterjet. Reinforcement - internal rigid grid.

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J35 Pro Delivers

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Multi-material capabilities

Use three different materials separately or simultaneously to produce parts that meet your needs, such as concept models, functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures and more.

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Easy workflow

Access a full ecosystem of workflow tools to streamline design, including cloud-base service, print-to-click (Keyshot, WSS), on-demand training and an online community.

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Affordable realism

Design realistic, high-quality parts and prototypes with an all-in-one, multi-material printer for a lower investment compared to other PolyJet multi-material solutions.


How does the J35 office printer enhance functional and concept prototypes meeting the different needs with multiple materials and parts on a single printing tray?

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GrabCAD Print Software

GrabCAD Print software provides a streamlined, user friendly workflow to help designers go from CAD model to 3D printed part in just a few clicks. Create more accurate parts and make better design decisions with build preparation, and manage print queues from anywhere.

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GrabCAD Print Pro

The premium version of GrabCAD Print, GrabCAD Print Pro, enables you to improve part accuracy, process parts faster, and increase throughput for prototypes, tooling, and end-use parts. With GrabCAD Print Pro's advanced features, you can: correct warped parts, define and apply proven settings, quickly estimate individual material usage in multi-part builds, create more densely packed builds, and access 3rd party AM software plugins.

Currently, GrabCAD Print Pro is available for FDM and SAF™ technology 3D printers.

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GrabCAD Shop Software

GrabCAD Shop has been proven to save a typical 3D printing model shop over 15% in wasted time and productivity by streamlining the workflow between engineers, designers, and shop operators. As an online web application, your team can remotely access and collaborate on 3D printing work orders, using popular features such as work order tracking, chat and notifications, cost calculator, tray consolidation, and more!  

GrabCAD Shop also saves 3D printer operators time managing, scheduling, and budgeting 3D printing work orders by directly integrating with GrabCAD Print to streamline the 3D printing process.  

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