3D-printed SAF powder bed fusion PA12 part

Nylon PA12

Nylon PA12 for SAF™ is a versatile high-performance polymer ideal for mid-to-high volume production at a low cost per part. This chemically resistant material produces the highest level of accuracy among powder bed fusion materials. Tight thermal controls improve part consistency, and allows for more parts per build, resulting in lower costs per part. Nylon PA12 produces rigid components with fine feature resolution, higher tolerances, and exceptional dimensional accuracy.

Key features

  • Rugged and stiff - perfect for applications where rigidity is a key requirement
  • Excellent feature resolution and details among PBF technologies
  • Chemical resistant to oils and grease
  • Exceptional dimensional accuracy, build after build
  • Ideal for higher tolerance requirements
  • High nesting densities to produce more parts per build


  • Electronic housings, guides, enclosures, connectors, and clips
  • Mounting hardware
  • Manufacturing aids
  • Functional protoypes
  • Containers for fuel, oil housings
  • Low volume complex end-use parts
  • Strong, durable parts without tooling
  • Low unit cost for low batches of small parts


Nylon PA12 (SAF™) Material Datasheet


SAF™ Design Guide


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