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High Yield PA 11

Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF™) currently offers Stratasys High Yield PA11 material for production. This rugged high-performance polymer is a 100% bio-based material derived from sustainably produced castor oil. Stratasys High Yield PA11 is well suited for higher volume production, and it provides high ductility and impact strength along with excellent surface finish.

Key features

  • Complex structures
  • 3D Nesting
  • 100% bio-based material
  • Best-in-class surface resolution/feature details with powder bed fusion technology
  • Fully dense and nearly isotropic mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, and other hydrocarbons


  • Strong, functional parts
  • Impact-resistant parts
  • Smooth, end-use products
  • Low unit cost for batches of smaller parts



High Yield PA11 Material Datasheet


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