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Anatomical Models

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Anatomical Models

Accurate & Functional Medical Models

Serving a variety of tasks in the medical industry, including practice dummies, educational aids and preoperative planning, anatomical models are an integral element in efficient treatment and health care practices. Our 3D printing and Urethane Casting services open new possibilities for complex, anatomically-accurate models at less cost than traditional manufacturing methods.

Our advanced anatomical models can be customized for specific patients and pathology, unlimited by the costs and inconvenience of cadavers or traditional production methods. Create models that are biomechanically realistic and highly functional for training and validating of medical devices. Educate patients on their exact condition with customized models built from their CT scans. Map out procedures and increase efficacy of a technique with an accurate anatomical representation.

Benefits of 3D Printing Anatomical Models

Custom On Demand Models


Models can be generated on-demand from CAD models developed from MRI scans to represent patient-specific anatomy.

Short Lead Times


PolyJet continues to be the fastest 3D printing technology on the market, completing some parts in a matter of hours. Urethane Casting also delivers consistent parts faster than traditional molding.

Multiple Colors Materials


Print models that reflect the blues, reds and nudes of true human antimony. Highlight internal features with external transparencies, and incorporate flexible and rigid materials for a more realistic feel.

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