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USA & Canada
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Stratasys Printer Owners

Stratasys Direct expands your manufacturing

Congratulations on being part of the Stratasys team!

Once a company has invested in Stratasys equipment, they often discover even more potential uses for additive manufacturing than they originally anticipated, and that is where Stratasys Direct comes in.

We offer a comprehensive range of part manufacturing services to supplement your existing capacity or provide access to cutting-edge technologies that you haven't yet invested in. With our support, you can unlock your full potential and take your business to the next level. 

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Manufacturing floor Eden Prairie | Stratasys Direct

Why Use Stratasys Direct?

  • Only production-focused parts provider in the industry (200+ industrial printers)
  • 7 AM technologies
  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Engineering support from 3D printing experts
  • Widest AM polymer material offering (50+ materials)
  • 25+ post-processing and inspection options
  • World-class Quality Management Systems with the latest technologies and processes
  • ITAR Registered. ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
  • All parts are produced in-house, in the United States


Exclusive discounts for Stratasys printer owners through Stratasys Total Advantage


FDM 3D Printing Service Stratasys Direct

FDM® - Fused Deposition Modeling

SLA 3D Printing Service Stratasys Direct

SLA - Stereolithography

SAF 3D Printing Service Stratasys Direct

SAF™ - Selective Absorption Fusion

P3 DLP 3D Printing Service Stratasys Direct

P3™ DLP - Programmable Photopolymerization

SLS 3D Printing Service Stratasys Direct

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering

MJF 3D Printing Service Stratasys Direct

MJF - Multi Jet Fusion

Order parts through Stratasys Direct

Ordering parts is easy and reliable by clicking the below link, or you can speak with an expert by giving us a call at 888-311-1017

From one-off prototypes, to low-volume production, we have the experience and engineering know-how to support you

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