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Unidirectional Material Testing May Mislead Manufacturing

A Comparative Material Testing Analysis

Unraveling Material Property Discrepancies within Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

This white paper was motivated by claims of superior material properties by FFF (fused filament fabrication) competitors despite internal Stratasys testing that demonstrated otherwise.

Stratasys FDM Materials vs Competitors

When switching from the standard toolpaths used by Stratasys to the optimized unidirectional toolpaths used by the competitor. Stratasys FDM® Nylon-CF10 demonstrated the results that follow:

  • 160% increase in heat deflection temperature (HDT)
  • 152% increase in tensile modulus
  • 94% increase in the tensile yield strength

3D printing mechanical samples with unidirectional toolpaths is appropriate to show the maximum strength of a carbon fiber filled material, but is not representative of the material strength within the typical FDM 3D printed part. 

Download the white paper and discover how optimized unidirectional toolpaths led to impressive improvements in heat deflection,  tensile modulus, and yield strength for Stratasys FDM® Nylon-CF10, showcasing the potential for enhanced FDM 3D printing materials.

Beyond the Data Sheet: Unidirectional Material Testing May Mislead Manufacturing

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