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Top Five Reasons

Rapid prototyping has made a huge difference in designing and tooling for manufacturing processes since its introduction over two decades ago. What was once a long, costly process that consisted of having prototypes made over the course of weeks or months by woodworkers or machine shops has evolved to a couple hours or days long process that lets designers find the flaws in their design before implementation. Previously, because of long wait times, designers would skip the prototyping process entirely, not finding flaws in their designs until they happened during manufacturing.

Over the next seven pages, we will be discussing the top five reasons to integrate PolyJet technology into your product development lifecycle. We will ask the question, is PolyJet technology right for you? To answer that question, we will discuss how designers can prototype more iterations without blowing the timeline or budget, better collaboration resulting in improved design and manufacturability, field testing with prototypes resemble final products, and improving customer satisfaction. Download this whitepaper to learn if PolyJet technology is right for your business.