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precision prototyping

Why is additive manufacturing so important in the injection molding industry? Two words: precision prototyping. Injection molding is used to create complex models in mass by creating an outer mold that is filled with resin, shaping the part. The outer molds can be extremely difficult to make, as well as time consuming. That's where additive manufacturing comes into play. With the quick nature of additive manufacturing, outer molds can be made quickly and extremely accurately, speeding up production and saving money in the process.

In the next twelve pages, we'll discuss the impact that additive manufacturing has had on the injection molding industry, from straight-pull molds to insert molding. We'll also discuss technologies being used, materials, and real-world performance for companies such as Berker, Arad Group, and Grundfos. The implementation of additive manufacturing in the injection molding industry has made an immediate and forceful impact, and it isn't going anywhere. Download the whitepaper to learn how additive manufacturing can positively impact your business.