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DQBD, a design and development firm based in Germany, produced the first additive manufactured saddle that includes a personalized, load-bearing 3D printed spine.

To fulfill this vision, DQBD printed the production-grade cycling saddle with the H350™ 3D printer based on its consistency, repeatability, sustainability and design flexibility.

Utilizing SAF™ technology, the saddle’s spine is created based off each individual rider’s specific pressure points. This leads to an ideal cycling experience.

Due to the nature of cycling on and off road, the saddle must exhibit high impact strength and ductility so High Yield PA11 polymer powder was the optimal material choice.

DQBD verified their Finite Element simulations through load and impact tests of SAM, saddle additive manufactured, in both the lab and field.

This white paper details findings that prove the saddle not only supports the cycler through varying weather and road conditions but also achieves exceptional riding performance.