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campus technology

Universities are where we, as a society, learn and innovate. Universities were created for the pursuit of knowledge, for making discoveries and educating those who pursue education. That being said, universities must have the most up-to-date and innovative technology. Without being up-to-date on technology, it's impossible to educate students for the future, that is why we believe all university libraries should have makerspaces. At the heart of these makerspaces, 3D printers. 

Over the next eleven pages, we will discuss the benefits of having makerspaces in university libraries. We will discuss why having such technology is an enormous draw for students thinking about attending the school. We will cover how librarians are the perfect candidates for presiding over this technology. Librarians know how to share, they work well with IT people, they serve everybody, they can fill learning gaps, they like student workers, and they are cross-disciplined. Download the whitepaper to learn why your university library should have a makerspace.