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abs m30 material properties

A part is only as good as the material it's made from. In any industry, it's extremely important to find the material that's right for its application. This brings us to Fortus ABS-M30. You need to know the characteristics of materials so you can make an informed decision of what's the appropriate material for your application, Loughborough University tested Fortus ABS-M30 material for you.

In the next fourteen pages, we'll discuss the characteristics of Fortus ABS-M30, as it pertains to the mechanical properties of:
-Tensile strength
-Young's modulus
-Flexural strength
-Flexural modulus
-Elongation at break

Everything you need to know about this material is in this whitepaper. Make an informed decision, learn everything you need to know, find out how Fortus ABS-M30 performs in wet, dry, and controlled conditions. This incredible material could be the solution for your problems. Download this whitepaper today.