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Autodesk ® Netfabb ® 2022.0 and the Origin One: Perfect for manufacturing and production.

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson November 10, 2021
November 10, 2021

Our software partner Autodesk recently launched Netfabb 2022.0, an update to their complete software solution for design and implementation for 3D printing, and is now integrated with the Stratasys Origin One.


Autodesk Netfabb is an excellent solution for those looking for advanced build prep and support generation, as well as an extensive amount of control over support settings and orientations. This new release provides a native Origin One app experience that enables the user to log in to the Origin web app, manage model collections, and upload jobs directly to their printers, all from within the Netfabb software. Further, it also includes scripts for quickly generating support structures pre-defined by Stratasys.


Netfabb 2022.0: Increased control.

Origin One CAD screen grab.

This latest release from Autodesk offers more focus on user experience – for Origin One users, that means you can authenticate with the Stratasys Origin Online platform right from Netfabb, as well as manage your collections and upload jobs to the Origin app.


Customized settings


Netfabb is great for those who want increased control when customized settings are appropriate and are ready for a more advanced experience. Some of those advancements include model repair, alignment / orientation, slicing, configurable build supports, and packing. These customizable tools increase overall production efficiency by intelligently and quickly supporting parts with the minimum required supports, which shortens post-processing time.


Build Prep


The most recent edition of Netfabb allows users to import models from a wide variety of CAD formats. The large amount of data types that the software can read is highly impactful on time spent and costs incurred during development, as it avoids needing multiple types of software. This is especially relevant to service bureaus or any organization that works collaboratively with clients or partners to create new projects and may be accepting many different types of CAD files to do so.




One of the most exciting features for manufacturers in this version of Netfabb is the automated packing assistance algorithms, which will optimally place and rotate parts within the build volume so prints are as densely packed as possible.



Autodesk Netfabb screen grab support scripts.

While adding supports is necessary for many 3D prints, it can be a complicated process and may lead to failure of the print if not done properly. Netfabb offers configurable build supports and tools that help professionals identify where supports should be placed and can even automate the process, which can result in vast process time savings over the long term. This software comes with a variety of machine-based presets and automated analytical tools – these can detect critical angles and insert supports where and when needed. It’s also possible to create new support definitions and scripts, which allow users to augment support strength and density and ensure they can be removed as efficiently as possible. Finally, Netfabb can also detect anomalies and assist with more complicated models that require manual intervention.


Netfabb helps to automate support generation using three different support structure preset scripts – as well as near-infinite support script customization – and includes tools to verify and optimize that the support generation routines have adequately supported the part prior to printing.




Netfabb offers users a nice way to compress their build file sizes through the use of slicing. Complex geometries, part duplication and packing, surface textures, and other features of models can balloon the file size of models to gigabytes and beyond. With Netfabb’s robust slicing suite, a user can slice their model locally and upload the smaller file size slices versus having to deal with extremely large STL files.

Origin One includes Netfabb for 12 months.

Those who are Origin One users will be able to enjoy this new version of Netfabb even easier: a year of usage is included with the printer. This software partnership was forged to offer users a high-quality, advanced platform that allows for extensive control over settings.


With the new and improved user interface within the Stratasys Origin One machine workspace in Netfabb, the user has a streamlined, easy-to-use integration with the Stratasys Origin Online platform, saving them time and effort while increasing their performance.


Want to learn more? Read the Origin One Guide here, and get in touch with our team today!