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Somos® Investment Casting Guide

Unlock the future of investment casting with the Neo range of SLA 3D printers and Somos® materials formulated specifically for casting patterns.

Creating 3D printed patterns for investment casting allows for significant time and cost savings over traditional tooling methods making it a cost effective solution for low volume manufacturing. In addition, patterns created by SLA are highly accurate and allow for complex geometries to be created without increasing cost. 

What’s in our free Investment Casting Application Guide?

Stay ahead of the competition and revolutionize your manufacturing processes with the latest innovations in 3D printing. Download the Guide now and discover:

  • How using 3D printed patterns save you time and money on your project
  • What are the ideal applications for 3D printed patterns
  • The benefits of 3D printed patterns over traditional investment casting methods
  • How to design your pattern with stereolithography
  • Top 10 questions to ask when outsourcing pattern design
  • Tips for optimising your 3D printed pattern

By combining Stratasys Stereolithography 3D printers with Somos® WaterShed AF (Antimony Free) material, manufacturers are producing accurate, geometrically complex investment casting patterns with excellent surface finishes and no antimony detectable, which can be used in investment casting workflows.

Are you ready to gain a competitive edge and explore the endless possibilities of investment casting with 3D printed stereolithography patterns? Enter your details to receive the Investment Casting Application Guide straight away.  

Download our Investment Casting Application Guide