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Meet John Mauriello: The Industrial Designer Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

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A Look into This Design Philosophy and Approach to Product Design 

John Mauriello is an accomplished industrial designer ad adjunct professor at California College of the Arts. John approaches design challenges with a unique perspective and has a reputation for designing best-selling products that look great, function intuitively, and meet real-world constraints around deadlines and cost. His work has been featured in several top-tier publications such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Design Boom, Popular Science, and many others. 

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Innovative Use of Stratasys' PolyJet Technology for Eyewear Prototyping 

In one of his latest projects, John used Stratasys' J55 Prime PolyJet 3D printer to create innovative eyewear prototypes. With the power of PolyJet printing technology, John was able to prototype his designs more efficiently and explore new techniques in the creative process. PolyJet technology allowed him to create multiple variations of his designs, evaluate colors, finishes, and transparency, and test a wider range of ideas, fast. 

John believes that designers in the traditionally risk-averse eyewear industry should be open to exploring new techniques to foster innovation. His experience with PolyJet printing technology has inspired him to continue exploring new design techniques and to create even more daring and innovative eyewear designs. 

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You'll discover how designers like Mauriello can prototype their designs faster, more accurately, and in greater volumes than ever before, allowing them to push the boundaries of what eyewear can look like.

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